Pop-up coin (POPKET), main net (MAINNET)

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Hello Popket.

I will explain about the main net.

Mainnet is not dependent on existing platforms

It means building your own independent ecosystem ,

To launch a block-chain project and return to its own project.

You can also see it on the network. Personal wallet transaction transactions, wallet creation, etc.

Cryptography has a very important role in the ecosystem .

Once you dig deeper into the main net

You need to know the difference between tokens and coins.

Tokens: Derived from other block-chain-based platforms EX) Etherium-based tokens: ERC

Coin: Having its own block-chain protocol, Mainnet EX) ETH, EOS

If you look at the main net process

First, the token is created based on the existing platform.

After the base is created, the test net will be executed.

The test net is just before the main net

Your platform is your own platform

It is to test whether it can be.

The main net developer uses GITHUB (web hosting) service

I am currently working on how I am developing, and I am going to revise and share it.

If the test is successful, it will become the main net release

After that, we configure the transaction and ecosystem,

You can create an independent wallet.

The most important thing here is that enough technology must be

Because the main net is going on , it looks like a coin or a technical part.

Most of them are recognized as good.

Once this process is in progress,

It will be converted into a coin.

What does the mainnet listing mean?

1. Platform possibilities

Because companies with technology and platforms form their own main network

It is free from the influence of existing platforms and can carry out various business independently.

2. Securing Technology

As mentioned above, Main Net supports enough technical power.

That's why it's technically solid.

Papket (POPKET) operates its own four main by

All systems are operated with a pop-up coin (POPKET).

The advantage of the Poppet platform is that it is based on a block chain-based network

All records remain on the network and decentralized to the current market

You can prevent counterfeit tickets, bad marks, and illegal transactions