Global standard platform popchet coin (POPKET)

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Hi. This is the world's first global

Performance Ticket Booking Platform Coin Pop-up Coin (POPCKET).

K-POP has been steadily growing from the past to the present.

The K-POP market and entertainment industry share price has risen sharply,

Billboards account for more than 35% of the global music market.

It occupies the market of eighth place in the world (based on IFPI announcement).

Especially, the movies and dramas that are making the trend of Korean Wave in Korea

The content industry is growing together.

As K-POP is popular, performances and festival markets

It is very active.

In recent years, individuals and companies have been trying to take advantage of

There was a problem caused by illegal activities.

Overseas entertainment market not only domestic but also illegal ticket booking

Through the program, companies and individuals can enjoy popular concert tickets

With a prevalence of about 30% to 50%

(Reselling) and illegal transfer fraud are becoming popular.

The problem is that all of the responsibility or damage must be carried by the consumer,

As for the artist, the ticket was sold out in all seats,

There are a few cases where you see a grandstand.

As a result, the pop-up coin improves the market by using block-chain technology

The expansion of planning technology of performances, sports and cultural contents is transparently disclosed

Reclaiming the infringed consumption rights through unreasonable fees and bad memories.

It is said to provide a system of win-win and virtuous cycle.

Also, tickets for the performing arts market, which are increasing in price

And that it is possible to make purchases at a low cost to consumers.

The pop-up coin is also a block-chain-based platform.

Global show ticket payment and ticket sales agency

Simplify the inconvenience that the audience can afford

You can buy your own ticket with coins.

Purchase and sell tickets to reduce the circulation of pop-up coins

It is said that all the currency coins that are traded in the process are incinerated.

Tickets that you have purchased but can not use may be transferred to another person,

It can be used for ticket of other concert by value of unused ticket

The pop-up coin prevents the free tickets from being played out and because of the pop-up coin solution

When the concert companies gather, the value of the platform increases.

Performing markets such as concerts

By contributing to the development of a clean ticketing culture,

I am looking forward to the future of popcook coin which will lead a big attention.

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