Pop and Tickets ... Block Chain, Pop-up Coin (POPKET) [출처] 팝과 티켓...블록체인, 팝켓코인(POPKET)

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What is a pop-up coin (POPKET)

With a mix of POP + TICKET

K-POP concert is held overseas to help Korean pop culture, broadcasting and entertainment industry develop.

We want to safely block-chain businesses that can help with national exports.

Global Ticket Platform Project

In order to hold an overseas concert, coordination with the country and overseas partner companies (stage, lighting, sound, equipment) is inevitable

Resulting There are several problems fees, costs, expenses, exchange to resolve problems such as

Block chain and Roasting relatively free by using a password of currency, security and reliability , and have the

We are working on a global project in line with the national and domestic currency market.

In addition, by purchasing direct tickets, visitors can enjoy cheaper ticketing and distribution

It helps to enjoy the concert through the right consumption.

It is the contents of the pop-up coin.

In addition, the volume of the papket coin used for ticketing are incinerated the entire amount as a starting point to show the

I plan to keep the volume constant.

In addition to ticketing to guide global Korean wave, we plan to sell sound source, goods and contents

We plan to use KPOP's entire platform starting with the concert.

In addition, audition for foreign idols, trainees and ordinary people is held to give the stage opportunity

Participants are going to consume the popcorn coin in free of charge or in music sources.

Currently, KPOP market is going to be in business with the block chain, which is attracting worldwide attention.